Torbay Sun Club

Nestled in the picturesque South Devon region, Torbay Sun Club stands as a beacon of freedom and relaxation for naturists. Established in 1976, the club has a rich history of providing a welcoming environment for individuals who embrace the naturist lifestyle. Located within a designated area at the Devon Valley Holiday Village in Shaldon, the club offers a unique experience that combines the beauty of nature with the liberating practice of social nudity.

At the heart of Torbay Sun Club is a commitment to creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable atmosphere for all its members and visitors. The club operates on the principle that naturism is not just about being nude, but about fostering a sense of community, respect, and acceptance. This ethos is evident in every aspect of the club, from its well-maintained facilities to the friendly and welcoming nature of its members.

The club’s setting is truly idyllic. Situated on the edge of the River Teign, the location offers stunning views and a tranquil environment perfect for relaxation. The natural beauty of the area enhances the overall experience, providing a serene backdrop for sunbathing, swimming, and socializing. The club’s grounds are thoughtfully landscaped, offering plenty of space for members to enjoy the sun, whether they prefer a quiet spot for solitude or a more social area for mingling.

One of the standout features of Torbay Sun Club is its heated outdoor swimming pool. This pool is the focal point of many of the club’s activities and provides a refreshing escape during the warmer months. Swimming in the nude is a liberating experience, and the pool at Torbay Sun Club allows members to enjoy this freedom in a private and secure setting. Surrounding the pool are comfortable loungers and shaded areas, ensuring that members can relax in comfort.

In addition to the pool, the club offers a variety of amenities designed to enhance the naturist experience. These include well-maintained changing facilities, showers, and a clubhouse where members can gather for social events and meetings. The clubhouse is a hub of activity, hosting regular events such as barbecues, themed parties, and holiday celebrations. These events are a great way for members to connect and build lasting friendships, further strengthening the sense of community that defines Torbay Sun Club.

Membership at Torbay Sun Club is open to individuals and families who share an appreciation for naturism. The club takes pride in being inclusive and welcoming to people from all walks of life. Prospective members are invited to visit the club on designated open days, where they can tour the facilities, meet current members, and get a feel for the club’s unique atmosphere. This approach ensures that new members are comfortable and well-informed before joining.

Safety and respect are paramount at Torbay Sun Club. The club has a strict code of conduct that all members are expected to adhere to, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the facilities in a safe and respectful manner. This code of conduct includes guidelines on behavior, photography, and the use of mobile devices, all aimed at maintaining the privacy and comfort of all members.

Torbay Sun Club also emphasizes the importance of environmental stewardship. The club is committed to maintaining its grounds in an eco-friendly manner, promoting sustainable practices among its members, and supporting local conservation efforts. This commitment to the environment is reflective of the naturist philosophy, which values harmony with nature and the preservation of natural beauty.

In summary, Torbay Sun Club offers a unique and enriching experience for naturists. Its beautiful location, excellent facilities, and strong sense of community make it a standout destination for those who embrace the naturist lifestyle. Whether you are a seasoned naturist or new to the practice, Torbay Sun Club provides a welcoming and supportive environment where you can enjoy the freedom and joy of naturism.


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