American Association for Nude Recreation – Southwest Region

The Southwest chapter of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR-SW), a significant affiliate within the expansive network of AANR, the premier naturist organization in North America, encompasses an engaged community of around 2,000 members. The chapter’s reach extends over four states: Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, featuring over 20 clubs and resorts. Additionally, the region boasts a Bed & Breakfast and a distinctive travel agency that specializes in organizing nude cruises with major cruise liners annually.

Naturism in this community is seen as a wholesome, family-friendly pursuit. It’s not just a weekend activity but a way of life for many, spanning several generations of families who partake in communal nudity.

Members of AANR-SW lead dynamic lifestyles, participating in a variety of events hosted by different clubs. Activities range from nude chili cook-offs and volleyball tournaments to themed gatherings and significant holiday celebrations, including Memorial Day, Independence Day, Nude Recreation Week, Labor Day, and Halloween. The ethos here is that naturism makes every day extraordinary.

Highlighting the region’s commitment to active lifestyles, AANR-SW annually organizes the Nude Racing Series. This series consists of 5K runs held at various resorts, attracting both competitive runners and those looking to enjoy the unique thrill of running unencumbered by clothing through breathtaking landscapes. This event has gained notable popularity, underscoring the invigorating experience of nude running.

Furthermore, AANR-SW is dedicated to nurturing the younger demographics of its community, encouraging children and young adults to actively engage in regional activities and embrace the naturist lifestyle.


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