American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)

The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is dedicated to safeguarding, promoting, facilitating, and conserving nude recreation through various means:

  • Shielding nudists and naturists from policies at local, state, and federal levels that impede the enjoyment of clothing-free recreation in appropriate environments.
  • Advocating for nude recreation by educating government officials, employers, and the general public.
  • Offering support services and fostering community among our members.
  • Preserving the financial stability, integrity, and resilience of the AANR organization.

Established in 1931, AANR stands as the foremost and oldest organization of its kind in North America. From its modest origins, it has grown to serve over 213,000 individuals across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and beyond. Our diverse membership enjoys clothing-free activities in private settings like backyards and pools, as well as at more than 180 nudist resorts and affiliates.

For 90 years, AANR has championed the virtues of wholesome nude family recreation. Central to our mission since inception is the defense of nudists’ rights in appropriate settings, irrespective of age, gender, race, or economic status. We proudly affirm the rights of families to engage in nude recreation activities, such as skinny dipping, emphasizing that nudity is a personal freedom distinct from behavior.

Despite increasing societal acceptance, there remains a need for public education on the merits of our choice of nudity. AANR seeks to clarify that nudity is about the freedom of being without clothes, separate from behavior, and aims to dispel stereotypes to foster widespread acceptance of family social nudism for future generations.

AANR is also committed to advocating for our rights, as outlined in the Nudists’ Bill of Rights, asserting our freedom to hold beliefs and enjoy nudity responsibly with family and friends, as law-abiding citizens deserving of respect.

While some may struggle to comprehend the comfort nudists feel in their own skin regardless of age, we emphasize that the human body is merely a vessel, and nudists transition through life stages without the angst often associated with clothing. We acknowledge the commonality of bodily changes across nudists and non-nudists alike.

As a diverse community, AANR members hold varying interests and levels of tolerance, but effective communication and collaboration are vital for our organization’s survival and continued advocacy amid an evolving world.

Throughout its history, AANR has weathered numerous challenges, emerging stronger through recessions, societal upheavals, global conflicts, media scrutiny, and even a worldwide pandemic. Members remain resilient, contributing positively to their communities and environments, while embracing neighbors based on character rather than external attributes.

The growing recognition of the positive aspects of social nudity has led to increased interest from academia and business sectors, highlighting AANR’s relevance in society.

AANR pledges to continue safeguarding places where nudity is enjoyed privately, whether at sanctioned nude beaches, public lands, private residences, or AANR-affiliated clubs, campgrounds, and resorts.

Central to our mission is public education on the benefits of social family nude recreation, emphasizing family-oriented stories in mainstream media to foster understanding and acceptance.

AANR, alongside dedicated volunteers, advocates tirelessly to enhance opportunities for wholesome clothes-free experiences, aiming to expand membership and establish clubs aligned with our principles and standards.

While our facilities may evolve, our commitment to fostering wholesome environments promoting body acceptance and respect remains unwavering. AANR welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, rejecting any association with sexual exploitation and prioritizing mutual respect among members.

Through advocacy, education, and support, AANR and its regions serve as vital conduits for individuals seeking clothing-free choices, ensuring the continued growth and enrichment of the nudist community.

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