Attitudes towards naturism in Georgia

Naturism, the practice of social nudity, has been around for centuries and has been gaining popularity in many parts of the world. However, attitudes towards naturism vary widely from one country to another, and even within individual communities. In Georgia, a small country located in the Caucasus region, naturism is not widely practiced, and attitudes towards it are often negative.

Georgia is a conservative country with strong religious traditions, and nudity is generally considered taboo in Georgian society. While there are no specific laws prohibiting public nudity, it is not accepted, and people who engage in naturism may face negative reactions from others.

The Georgian Orthodox Church, which has a significant influence on society and politics in Georgia, has spoken out against nudity and sexual immorality. In 2017, a member of the Georgian Parliament proposed a bill that would make public nudity a criminal offense, but the bill did not pass. However, this demonstrates the negative attitudes towards nudity in the country.

Despite the general societal disapproval of naturism in Georgia, there are a few places where it is practiced. One such place is the private beach area of the Hotel Ambassadori in the Black Sea resort town of Kobuleti. The beach is advertised as a naturist-friendly area, and visitors are required to follow certain rules to ensure a respectful and comfortable environment for all.

There are also several social media groups and websites dedicated to naturism in Georgia, where people can connect and share information about naturist-friendly locations and events. However, these groups tend to have a small following, and their members often face criticism and negative feedback from the wider Georgian community.

It is worth noting that attitudes towards naturism in Georgia may be influenced by a lack of understanding about what naturism actually entails. Many people associate nudity with sexuality and assume that naturism is a form of exhibitionism or public indecency. This misunderstanding can lead to fear and disapproval of the practice, even among those who might otherwise be open-minded.

In conclusion, attitudes towards naturism in Georgia are generally negative, and the practice is not widely accepted or practiced. However, there are a few places where naturism is allowed, and some individuals are working to promote greater awareness and understanding of the practice. Ultimately, as with many cultural and societal attitudes, change is gradual, and it may take time for attitudes towards naturism in Georgia to shift towards a more accepting stance.

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