British Naturism

British NaturismBritish Naturism (BN) is the United Kingdom’s national Naturist organization. It is internationally recognized, and its primary goal is to support and unite Naturists while also protecting and promoting the practice of social nudity in the UK. BN is run by a team of volunteers and a small paid staff, and it is financed mainly by membership subscriptions.

The organization was formed in 1964 after the British Sun Bathing Society and the Federation of British Sun Clubs merged. BN celebrated its 50th birthday in 2014 and has since become a Company limited by guarantee. BN’s Executive Committee comprises 14 individuals fulfilling national or regional roles, and any member can stand for election after a certain period of membership.

Many Naturists may believe they don’t need an organization, but BN’s collective action has made a significant difference in the world of Naturism. The organization runs events in breathtaking locations, assists new groups and Naturist venues, liaises with government and other authorities, combats misunderstandings, prejudice and discrimination through the media, supports individuals in need, and campaigns against the ever-changing environment that throws up new threats to Naturism, even when done in private places.

BN comprises six regions, and all members – clubs and individuals – belong to one of them. These regions provide local points of contact, broadcast information to members and enquirers, run events, act as the eyes and ears for BN, take action on local issues, and provide networking and sharing opportunities for clubs.

BN is a member of the International Naturist Federation (INF), which has similar purposes to BN but operates across the world. The INF currently has Naturist federations from 38 countries worldwide among its membership, including most European countries. BN members are not only part of a UK community but also a much wider global community of Naturists. When traveling abroad, BN members can approach the national Naturist federation in the country they are visiting for advice and assistance if needed.

For less than £4 a month, individuals can become part of the UK’s most active, vibrant, and meaningful Naturist community. Membership includes a welcome gift pack, four issues of BN Magazine, access to the online community, members-only events and group holidays, a photo ID/membership card, the BN Holiday advice service, and an INF card.

In conclusion, British Naturism is an essential organization for Naturists in the UK. It provides valuable support and resources for its members while also advocating for the practice of social nudity. By joining BN, individuals become part of a vibrant and meaningful community of like-minded individuals, both in the UK and across the globe.


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