Caliente Club & Resorts

Caliente Club & Resorts, situated in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, offers a unique blend of relaxation and vibrant social life in a clothing-optional setting. Catering primarily to adults, this resort is known for its welcoming atmosphere, whether you’re a seasoned naturist or trying it out for the first time.

The resort features a variety of amenities aimed at enhancing the comfort and entertainment of its guests. Accommodations include well-appointed rooms and casitas, some with kitchen facilities for those who prefer self-catering. The main attraction is the large central pool area, complemented by a smaller conversation pool and a hot tub, which are central hubs for socializing.

Dining options at Caliente are diverse, with a sports bar offering above-average meals, such as tasty shrimp tacos, and a more formal dining area for evening meals. Guests have highlighted the quality of the food and the friendliness of the bar staff.

Social activities at Caliente are abundant, with themed nights, karaoke, and live music providing plenty of entertainment. The resort also hosts special events and parties, enhancing the community feel.

Security is taken seriously at the resort, with strict procedures at the entrance ensuring safety and privacy for all guests. Despite some guests expressing concerns about customer service, the overall feedback highlights a staff that is generally helpful and accommodating. Many visitors have had positive experiences, noting the cleanliness of the rooms and the quality of the facilities. The resort seems to strike a balance between luxury and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that encourages social interaction and relaxation.


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