FKK-Camping Ostsee

FKK-Camping Ostsee offers a unique and serene getaway for naturists at Rosenfelder Strand, located on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany. This naturist camping site is set in a picturesque nature reserve between Dahme and Heiligenhafen, far from the bustling tourist routes, providing a peaceful escape for visitors.

The campsite features a private 1.5 km sandy beach which gently slopes into the Baltic Sea, making it ideal for swimming and sunbathing. This beach area is especially noted for its family-friendliness, with a guarded section during the high season ensuring safety for all bathers. Visitors can also engage in various water sports activities such as snorkeling, paddling, surfing, and sailing right at the beach.

For accommodation, guests have multiple options ranging from mobile homes to rustic wooden cabins. The mobile homes are well-equipped with modern conveniences including TVs, refrigerators, and sometimes even dishwashers in the luxury models. The wooden cabins offer a more traditional and cozy lodging experience, providing basic amenities like heating and kitchen facilities, though guests need to bring their own bed linens and towels.

The campsite is also very accommodating for families. There are ample activities for children, including a large playground with a bouncing cushion and a water slide, which are particularly popular during warmer days. The site is pet-friendly, offering specific beaches and areas where dogs can roam freely without disturbing other guests.

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do with facilities and organized events such as beach volleyball, boules, and various tournaments throughout the summer. The site also periodically hosts local community events like fire department festivals, adding to the communal and friendly atmosphere.

Overall, FKK-Camping Ostsee combines the beauty of naturism with the comforts of modern amenities and the peace of a natural sanctuary, making it a perfect vacation spot for both relaxation and active leisure‚Äč.


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