Pine Tree Associates

Pine Tree Associates, located just outside Annapolis, Maryland, stands as one of the oldest family nudist clubs in the United States, having been founded in 1934. This member-managed co-op is set within a peaceful 96-acre area, offering a unique blend of privacy and accessibility to urban centers like Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

The club operates year-round, providing a comprehensive range of facilities and activities that cater to both the nudist lifestyle and general recreation. Among these are indoor and outdoor swimming pools—the former available from Labor Day to Memorial Day—and a host of sporting amenities including tennis courts. The grounds also feature Keyes Hall, which houses a sauna, hot tub, and spaces for games and exercise.

Accommodations at Pine Tree are diverse, including options for rental cabins, trailers, RV sites, and tent campsites, with a central bathhouse conveniently accessible from all camping areas. For visitors, making a reservation is essential before arriving, ensuring all amenities are available without disruption.

Pine Tree is not just about individual visits; it also offers a range of events throughout the year, maintaining a vibrant community spirit. Seasonal celebrations, such as Halloween and New Year’s Eve parties, are particularly popular among members and guests alike. The club’s proximity to Annapolis allows for easy exploration of local attractions such as the U.S. Naval Academy and the Maryland Renaissance Festival, adding to the appeal for longer stays.

Beyond its physical offerings, Pine Tree promotes a friendly and inclusive environment, as reflected in positive reviews from visitors who often praise the welcoming nature of both staff and fellow nudists. The sense of community is strong, with many using the club as a seasonal or weekend retreat, enjoying the camaraderie and relaxed atmosphere that nudist clubs are known for.

For those interested in exploring naturism or looking for a serene getaway, Pine Tree offers a compelling destination, combining rich history, extensive facilities, and a welcoming community.


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