Suntreckers, formed in 1982, has become the UK’s largest naturist caravan and camping club. This unique club is not just about caravanning in the nude but embodies a lifestyle of freedom and naturism, promoting social interactions and community living without the boundaries of traditional attire.

The club organizes around 100 caravan rallies annually across the UK and Europe. These events range from long weekends to two-week holidays, often held in diverse locations including naturist clubs, commercial naturist sites, farm fields, and private estates. The variety of locations ensures that members can experience different settings and environments, contributing to the richness of their naturist adventures.

Membership is open to everyone, with no restrictions based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marital status, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. This inclusivity reflects the club’s commitment to a welcoming environment where both seasoned naturists and newcomers can enjoy the naturist lifestyle. To participate in these rallies, members need to have their own self-contained unit such as a tent, trailer tent, caravan, or motorhome, although renting a unit is also an option for those without.

Suntreckers is affiliated with British Naturism, the national organization representing naturists in the UK, though membership in British Naturism is not mandatory for club members. The club adheres to several codes such as The Caravan Code, The Country Code, and The Seashore Code, ensuring that their activities are respectful to the environments they inhabit. Additionally, they operate under a Natural England Exemption Certificate, which allows them to hold rallies on various lands without the need for a site license or planning permission.

For anyone interested in joining or learning more about the lifestyle and activities of Suntreckers, they offer a comprehensive guide to getting involved and what to expect at their rallies.


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