The Naturist Foundation

The Naturist Foundation, nestled in North West Kent, represents a significant part of the British naturism scene, set within a vast 50-acre woodland park. This setting not only offers an escape into nature but also provides extensive facilities for those who practice or are interested in naturism.

The foundation operates with a charitable status, focusing on providing naturist recreational facilities and maintaining the area’s ancient woodlands. Financially, it has seen varied income levels over the years, with total gross income reported at approximately £400,000 for the year ending in March 2023. This charity emphasizes the sustainable management of its funds, ensuring that income is directed towards enhancing and preserving its facilities and surrounding nature​​.

The foundation’s commitment extends beyond just financial management. It offers a range of activities, all centered around the ethos of naturism. These activities encourage a lifestyle in harmony with nature, characterized by communal nudity with aims of fostering self-respect, respect for others, and environmental appreciation. The foundation’s setting facilitates this, with beautiful woodland walks and a welcoming atmosphere for both seasoned naturists and newcomers.

The foundation also holds events and initiatives that align with their mission of promoting naturism as a respectable and healthy lifestyle. This includes maintaining a calendar filled with events that cater to the naturist lifestyle, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for engagement within the community.

Overall, The Naturist Foundation not only provides a physical space for naturists to gather but also actively contributes to the broader conversation and cultural acceptance of naturism through its charitable activities and community engagement.


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