Wildwood Naturist’s Resort

Wildwood Naturists Resort

Nestled across 118 scenic acres just beyond Decatur, Wildwood Naturist’s Resort offers a year-round haven for members and guests to revel in the pristine rural atmosphere. Here, visitors can relax in the open air, unwind in a hot tub, or swim in the outdoor pool. The surrounding woodlands and fields provide perfect settings for sun-drenched hiking.

Each year, Wildwood hosts the Skinnydipper Sun Run, a 5K cross-country event on the last Saturday in April, specifically designed for nude running.

For those preferring a more tranquil pace, wildlife sightings are frequent during gentle strolls, and the fields burst with a variety of wildflowers seasonally. Guests can bask in the sunshine for a full-body tan or enjoy the cool shade with a captivating book under an ancient oak. More energetic activities include water volleyball, horseshoes, and pool tournaments.

During the colder months, the community gathers in the clubhouse for card games, dominoes, trivia nights, and shared meals at potluck dinners. Wildwood also organizes a variety of special events and themed parties throughout the year.

Wildwood is a community where individuals, families, and couples experience a nudist environment that promotes safety and wholesomeness. It’s a place where people from diverse backgrounds come together, contributing to a community that values respect and equality above all. Here, societal labels and status dissolve, fostering an atmosphere where friendships flourish, free from societal pretenses.

Wildwood’s mission includes a strong commitment to nondiscrimination and an endorsement of nudist values—respect for oneself and others. The resort stands as an advocate for naturism by educating those unfamiliar with nudism about the benefits of a clothes-free lifestyle. At Wildwood, comfort in one’s skin is celebrated, and the camaraderie among those who share these values is cherished. Visitors are invited to explore the liberating experience of nudist recreation.

Website: wildwoodnaturist.com

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