Club Le Peonie

Welcome to Le Peonie! Nestled near the Bue Marino cave and Cala Luna beach, this secluded gem is Sardinia’s sole official naturist center. It’s situated far from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by lush holm oak woods, where the scents of strawberry trees and myrtle enrich the air. This retreat is perfect for those who cherish privacy and a deep connection with nature. The terrain is hilly and wooded, featuring amenities such as camping spots, a stunning pool, sun loungers, hot showers, electricity, and toilets. Founded 19 years ago near the Monteviore hotel, Le Peonie was inspired by guests’ desire for a peaceful, nature-filled holiday, leading to the exclusive dedication of this area to naturism. Note: The Monteviore hotel is currently closed for renovations, scheduled to reopen in 2018.


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