Valencian Naturist Association (ANVA)

The Associació Naturista Valenciana (ANVA) is a prominent nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting naturism—a lifestyle of nudity aimed at personal and social well-being, unshackled from the stereotypical cultural views on the human body. ANVA’s mission is twofold: to foster self-respect and a harmonious connection with nature and others, and to advocate for the normalization of nudity in social settings.

Naturism, as endorsed by ANVA, originated in Germany in the late 19th century, primarily as a health movement for workers in crowded and unsanitary urban environments. It involved gentle physical exercises and exposure to sunlight and air while being nude. In Spain, where ANVA is based, the movement took a cultural turn in the early 20th century, blending nudism with vegetarianism, esperantism, women’s emancipation, and anarchism. Today, naturism is seen more as a recreational activity free from clothing, which helps to strip away many societal prejudices and taboos, making it a liberating experience.

ANVA organizes various activities, ranging from theater performances and river cruises specifically for nudists, to naturist meals among orange groves and spa days. These events are designed not just for their members but also open to those interested in experiencing naturism, thereby broadening their community outreach. ANVA is also an active participant in international movements, holding memberships in both the Spanish Federation of Naturism and the International Naturist Federation, which aids in providing its members with benefits like access to naturist centers worldwide and discounts at some establishments.

Moreover, ANVA is involved in advocating for naturist-friendly environments and has successfully challenged local ordinances that restrict nudism. They also manage and promote naturist locations across Valencia, providing ample opportunities for individuals to engage with nature and like-minded community members in a natural and uninhibited setting.

Overall, ANVA not only supports a lifestyle of nudity but also champions the philosophical and health benefits associated with naturism, emphasizing its potential to foster healthier social interactions and a deeper respect for nature and humanity.


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