Black Naturists Association (BNA)

The Black Naturists Association (BNA) is an influential group within the African American community that promotes naturism—a lifestyle embracing nudity in natural settings—as a way to foster positive body image and self-esteem. Established by a close-knit group of friends, BNA has grown into a movement advocating for inclusivity and the normalization of nudity, free from sexual connotations.

BNA provides a safe space for Black individuals to explore naturism, offering various events and international travel experiences aimed at cultivating body positivity and personal freedom. These events range from local meetups at spas and beaches to exotic retreats in places like the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Their gatherings are designed not only for relaxation and enjoyment but also as a platform for community building and personal growth through shared experiences.

The association ensures the safety and comfort of its members by implementing strict background checks for all participants, aiming to maintain an environment free from sexual pressures and overt sexual undertones. BNA is an affiliate of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), which allows its members to access a broader network of nudist resorts and activities across North America.

BNA’s efforts to promote diversity within naturist spaces also include debunking myths associated with nudism, particularly those linking it to sexual behavior. Their activities are designed to reinforce the non-sexual nature of nudism, encouraging a wholesome and liberating experience that emphasizes self-acceptance and the joy of freedom from societal constraints on body image.

By engaging in various advocacy efforts and public events, the Black Naturists Association continues to break barriers and foster a supportive community where individuals can experience the liberating benefits of naturism in a respectful and welcoming environment.


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