This is a website that clarifies all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of being naked in the Netherlands. The name originated from the article in the criminal code that regulates nude recreation in the Netherlands. The Article 430a WvS.

Article 430a WvS reads:
“Anyone who is outside a place designated by the municipal council as suitable for unclothed public recreation, is undressed in or on a place intended for public traffic that is not suitable for naked recreation, shall be punished with a fine of the first category”.

Difficult reading
Because the Penal Code is based on what is NOT allowed, it is rather poorly formulated, which leads to a lot of confusion, not only among nude recreationists, but also among governments. Many nude recreationists think that nude recreation is only allowed in places designated by the municipality, and many governments think they can ban nude recreation with the explanation of the article.

To create clarity, an explanation follows of how the article should be read by governments . We will also explain how it works for the nudist and what the possibilities are for him/her.

Social acceptance
Nude recreation in the Netherlands is a socially accepted phenomenon that can no longer be suppressed. It is properly regulated by law through Section 430a. Yet there are many misunderstandings about it and many people do not think about it in a nuanced way. This has to do with the phenomenon that most nude recreationists and naturists do not flaunt their beliefs. It would be good if nude recreationists would make themselves heard more in the public space.

Approximately two million Dutch people regularly recreate naked, so that is a fairly large group. The places for nudist recreation are always tucked away in the corners of a lake, sunbathing area or beach. If we speak up more, it will be more socially accepted, fewer people will have problems when they see naked people, and we will also be able to create better, less remote and more beautiful places for nude recreation.

The result of which in turn will be that there will be more social control and therefore fewer incidents will probably tarnish the nudist beaches. And this in turn offers resistance to the often unjustified prevailing view that links nudity to sexual matters.