Naturist resorts in Netherlands

Naturist resorts in Netherlands

Discover the natural beauty of the Netherlands: Naturist resorts! The Netherlands, known for its picturesque landscapes and progressive attitudes, is a fantastic destination for naturists seeking both relaxation and adventure in a welcoming environment. Whether you prefer the serene countryside, the bustling coast, or the quiet forests, Dutch naturist resorts offer a variety of settings … Read more

Camping “Achter ut Huus”

Camping Achter ut Huus

Nestled in the scenic countryside of North Brabant, Netherlands, Camping ‘Achter ut Huus’ is a quaint naturist campsite that offers guests a unique blend of tranquility and warmth, primarily facilitated by its owners, Maria and Wiel, who have been running it for over three decades. This campsite, once a traditional farm, now serves as a … Read more


Naaktrecreatie is a Dutch website dedicated to promoting and providing information about naturism and naturist-friendly destinations. It serves as a rich resource for individuals interested in exploring recreational activities without clothing, emphasizing a natural and respectful approach to enjoying various environments, from beaches to campsites. The website offers a wide variety of content, from detailed … Read more

The Natural Curacao

The Natural Curacao

An exclusive adults-only retreat Discover a sanctuary for adults at The Natural Curaçao, where tranquility meets eco-conscious living. This resort is designed exclusively for adults seeking a serene environment harmoniously blended with nature, emphasizing relaxation and eco-friendly practices ideal for nature enthusiasts, divers, and those passionate about sustainable living. Location and amenities Centrally situated, The … Read more

Nude beach Groene Ster Leeuwarden

Nude beach Groene Ster Leeuwarden

De Groene Ster is a recreational area of ​​approximately 1000 hectares on the east side of Leeuwarden. The area has been developed since the 1960s into a large recreational area, which was initially located in the municipality of Tietjerksteradeel, and was added to Leeuwaarden in 1984. In the area there are sunbathing areas, beaches, ponds, … Read more

Naturist Swimming Zwolle

Naturist Swimming Zwolle

Do you want to be sporty once or twice a week? Do you enjoy swimming laps or recreational swimming? Do you want to experience what that feels like without swimsuits? Do you like fun; alone or with your family? You are very welcome to come and experience this. As an avid naturist, I heard in … Read more

Nudist beaches in the Netherlands


Welcome to my website. I am Tjipke Tasma from Leeuwarden and since 1981 a loyal visitor to the nudist beach in the Groene Ster near Leeuwarden. At the beginning of 2006 I started a site about this nudist beach, under the simple name At the same time I also bought the domain for this … Read more


This is a website that clarifies all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of being naked in the Netherlands. The name originated from the article in the criminal code that regulates nude recreation in the Netherlands. The Article 430a WvS. Article 430a WvS reads: “Anyone who is outside a place designated by the municipal council as suitable … Read more

NFN Open & Bare


We are an association for our members and affiliated naturist associations. NFN Open & Bloot is a membership organization and has been committed to nude recreation in the Netherlands since 1961. NFN is the advocate of nude recreation in the Netherlands and works on the social acceptance of nudity in general and of nude recreation … Read more

NatamsNL – about naturism

NatamsNL - about naturism

As a naturist in The Netherlands I am lucky to have a wide choice of places to practice naturism. Since naturism in many countries is not as accepted as it is in The Netherlands, I wrote an article about naturism in The Netherlands. The climate here makes it only possible to have naked activities outdoors … Read more