Association Bears Naturists

The Association Bears Naturists (ABN) has made a notable mark in the realm of nudism, particularly catering to the gay community. This Spanish-based group fosters a welcoming environment for individuals who enjoy nudist activities in a gay-friendly setting. Established in 2009, ABN is more than just a community; it’s a vibrant collective that organizes a variety of nudist events across different locations, including popular tourist destinations like Benidorm and Avila.

One of the key attractions of ABN is its themed events that offer a blend of leisure and festivity. For instance, the annual event in Benidorm includes activities like pool parties, themed night parties (such as the Wig Party and the Mask Party), and excursions like boat trips to the Island of Tabarca. These events are detailed with a full schedule, ensuring participants enjoy a structured yet enjoyable nudist experience.

In Avila, the organization provides a rustic getaway with accommodations and activities set against the backdrop of the Spanish countryside. This event emphasizes relaxation and community spirit, featuring amenities like a heated pool, spa, sauna, and social games. The inclusion of a ‘Secret Friend’ gift exchange underscores the communal and friendly atmosphere ABN aims to foster.

ABN also extends its activities to the Hotel Vera Playa Club, where it holds a summer event highlighted by naked pool parties, a boat party, and a diverse array of meals and social gatherings. The event is well-organized, offering packages that cater to different lengths of stay and ensuring participants have a memorable nudist vacation.

The association strongly adheres to a set of rules to ensure the comfort and respect of all participants. These rules emphasize proper conduct, including the prohibition of sexual activities in public areas and the importance of manners to avoid disturbances. The events are inclusive, welcoming friends of participants who wish to join, reflecting ABN’s open and inclusive ethos.

Overall, ABN stands out not just for its dedication to nudism but also for its focus on creating a safe, enjoyable, and respectful environment for gay men to celebrate naturism with like-minded individuals.


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