Hello, my name is Dustin. My journey with naturism began quietly within the confines of my home during my late teens and has been a significant part of my life since then. Growing up, I was the kid who preferred the freedom of being unclothed, a preference that often challenged my parents. However, my initial encounters with public nudity during compulsory showering in gym classes were negative, marred by experiences of body shaming.

My exploration into nudism expanded during my college years. At my first community college, I embraced the nudist lifestyle more openly, often navigating my dorm and its communal facilities without clothes. This period included my first experiences with communal showers at the college gym, which was a departure from the private stalls I was accustomed to. My exploration continued through university where I completed my bachelor’s degree.

Presently, I share my life with a wonderful partner, and together, we enjoy the comfort of nudity in our home and garden. It was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that I ventured into social nudism, starting virtually through naturist and nudist communities on Discord. These interactions greatly boosted my self-confidence and opened my eyes to the camaraderie within the naturist community.

In 2021, I took my first steps into organized social nudism, beginning with an event at a local hot spring, an experience I found deeply fulfilling. I look forward to sharing more about my ongoing naturist journey through the blogs I post.

Involvements & Hobbies. I am a retired Wildland Firefighter and EMT, and I also have experience in Search & Rescue. My hobbies include photography and amateur radio, both of which I pursue with passion.

Website: 1naturistlife.wordpress.com

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