Federation of Naturist Areas (FEN)

The Federation of Naturist Areas, known as the Fédération des Espaces Naturistes (FEN) in France, plays a significant role in promoting naturism across France. Established in 2001, FEN is a collective of over 30 naturist campsites and holiday villages, offering a variety of naturist experiences that blend seamlessly with the natural landscapes of France, from seaside to countryside settings​​.

Naturism, as defined by the FEN and supported by the International Naturist Federation, is more than just nudity. It is a lifestyle of living in harmony with nature, marked by communal nudity that fosters self-respect and respect for others and the environment. This practice is distinct from nudism, which lacks the philosophical approach to community and nature connection inherent in naturism​.

The federation ensures that its member sites adhere to a charter that promotes a healthy, family-friendly naturism. These sites are not just places to stay; they are communities that offer a variety of activities and services. From swimming pools and lakeside beaches to restaurants and spa services, each site is equipped to enhance the naturist experience. Recreational offerings include sports activities, evening entertainment, and special programs for children and teenagers, ensuring that all age groups have an engaging holiday​.

Furthermore, the FEN has been instrumental in structuring the naturist market in France, making it a significant part of the country’s tourism sector. The federation’s website, naturisme.fr, serves as a portal for potential visitors to explore and book their naturist vacations, providing real-time availability and pricing, thus simplifying the process for newcomers and seasoned naturists alike​.

For more details on the Federation of Naturist Areas and to explore their member sites, you can visit their official site here: www.naturisme.fr

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