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Welcome to the Fig Leaf Forum Archive, a sanctuary for those embracing the unique lifestyle of Christian nudism and naturism. This archive, accessible at, offers an unparalleled collection of resources that provide insight, inspiration, and support for those who blend their faith with the freedom of nudism. By signing up for free, users gain access to a vast array of informative and thought-provoking articles, personal testimonies, fictional works, poetry, and a wealth of other materials curated over decades.

The Fig Leaf Forum Archive is a testament to the enduring relevance of the Fig Leaf Forum newsletters, which were published for over twenty years. With more than 700 newsletters preserved, this archive serves as a vital resource for anyone interested in the intersection of Christianity and naturism. These newsletters, available in both text and PDF formats, are not only historical documents but also contemporary guides for living a Christian naturist lifestyle. The archive’s browser-based app enhances the user experience by providing extensive cross-referenced links and search capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for both casual readers and serious researchers.

The testimonies of Fig Leaf Forum readers highlight the profound impact this resource has had on their lives. For many, it has reconciled their faith with their enjoyment of social nudity, providing a supportive community and a wealth of knowledge. Martin from the USA expresses his gratitude for the insights provided by the forum, while Francis from France appreciates the extensive and thoughtfully curated archive. Bill from Canada commends the app’s effectiveness as a research tool, recommending it to others interested in Christian naturism.

At the heart of the Fig Leaf Forum Archive is the Gospel message, which underpins all content on the site. The belief that the human body, created in God’s image, is inherently good is central to the Christian naturist philosophy. This perspective is supported by various Scripture references that affirm the sanctity of the body and the importance of living a life free from shame about one’s natural state. The archive’s commitment to the Gospel ensures that the principles of faith remain at the forefront of its mission.

The Fig Leaf Forum has a rich history, having served Bible-believing Christian nudists and naturists since its inception in 1994. The newsletter began as a printed publication and evolved to include email editions and an online presence. Although active publishing ceased in 2014, the extensive archive remains a valuable resource. Over the years, the forum has garnered attention from major media outlets such as the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine, highlighting its influence and significance.

The mission of the Fig Leaf Forum is to support Christian nudists and naturists through its publishing ministry. Its vision is to see voluntary nakedness respected as a reflection of God’s creation, free from shame and exploitation. The forum promotes values such as reverence for God and the human body, chastity, responsibility, and consideration for others’ sensibilities. These ideals form the foundation of the Christian naturist lifestyle and guide the community’s behavior.

The Fig Leaf Forum also stands against the sexualization of nudity in the media, advocating for family-oriented and non-sexual social nudism. It encourages Christian naturists to be “salt and light” within the broader naturist community, upholding high moral values and sharing the Gospel when appropriate.

The Fig Leaf Forum Archive is more than just a repository of newsletters; it is a living testament to the harmony between faith and naturism. It offers a supportive community, a wealth of educational resources, and a platform for advocacy and outreach. By preserving the history of Christian naturism and providing tools for exploration and research, the Fig Leaf Forum Archive continues to inspire and support those who seek to live a life of faith and freedom.

For those new to Christian naturism, the Fig Leaf Forum provides a gentle introduction to this way of life, offering reassurance and guidance. Its plain and simple website design ensures that information is easily accessible and user-friendly. Under the leadership of John Kundert, who has been both a Christian and a social nudist for decades, the Fig Leaf Forum has grown into a respected and influential voice within the naturist community.

In summary, the Fig Leaf Forum Archive is an invaluable resource that brings together the worlds of Christian faith and naturism. It offers a wealth of information, a supportive community, and a commitment to the Gospel that enriches the lives of its users. Whether you are a long-time naturist or curious about this lifestyle, the Fig Leaf Forum Archive provides the knowledge and support you need to explore and embrace the beauty of living naturally and faithfully.

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