Planet Nude

Planet Nude is a unique and engaging platform dedicated to exploring the multifaceted world of nudism and naturism through its free multiweekly newsletter and podcast. This vibrant community delves into the intersections of nudity with culture, politics, and art, aiming to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the naturist lifestyle.

The core philosophy of Planet Nude is the belief that nudity unites us, advocating for the right to be comfortable and free in our own skin. The mission of Planet Nude is to create a space where the ideas and benefits of naturism are openly discussed, highlighting the ways in which nudity can drive positive change in society. This platform celebrates the unique culture and aesthetic of nudism while spotlighting contemporary artists and individuals who embody naturist values.

Subscribers to Planet Nude can expect a rich and varied content experience, with between three and seven multiweekly posts. These posts include insightful essays, articles, comics, and podcasts that explore the philosophy of naturism, celebrate its culture, and discuss its impact on art and politics. Regular features include weekly articles, the Weekly Wrap, the Planet Nude podcast, Naked Age podcasts, and the weekly webcomic series, Strips.

One of the standout aspects of Planet Nude is its commitment to accessibility. All regular posts are free to the full subscriber list and available to read online at However, after one year, these articles and essays move to a paid-only archive, accessible exclusively to paid subscribers. This ensures that while the majority of content remains free, there is also a sustainable model to support the platform’s ongoing work.

Planet Nude encourages its readers to join the community not only by subscribing but also by considering paid membership. For just $6 per month, paid subscribers gain access to occasional exclusive posts and the complete Planet Nude archive. This paid membership is a direct way to support the platform and ensure the continuation of its valuable writing and reporting.

For those who see even greater value in the work of Planet Nude and wish to support it at a higher level, the platform offers a Sustaining Membership. This tier includes a complimentary “Naked Age” tote bag as a token of appreciation for the support. Sustaining members play a crucial role in keeping the platform free for the wider community while enjoying exclusive benefits.

Planet Nude stands out as an essential resource for anyone interested in the naturist lifestyle. Its thoughtful and comprehensive approach to nudism in various contexts offers valuable insights and fosters a sense of community among naturists. Whether you are a seasoned nudist or simply curious about the lifestyle, Planet Nude provides a welcoming and informative space to explore the many dimensions of naturism. Through its engaging content and dedicated community, Planet Nude continues to promote a positive and inclusive vision of life without clothes.

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