Green Haven Sun Club

Green Haven Sun Club, located in Saskatchewan, Canada, is a well-established naturist club that has been serving the naturism community since 1973. The club is nestled north of Balgonie and provides a safe, family-oriented environment where members can enjoy naturism in a secure and welcoming setting. The club operates on leased land, which it is currently in the process of acquiring to secure its future​​.

The facilities at Green Haven Sun Club are designed with the comfort and safety of its members in mind, featuring a gated entry that ensures only members and their guests have access. This setup helps maintain privacy and security within the club premises. The club is known for its strong community spirit, with members actively participating in its upkeep and events​.

Throughout the year, Green Haven Sun Club hosts various social activities and events, which are well-received by members and guests. These events provide an opportunity for members to socialize, relax, and enjoy the naturist lifestyle in a communal setting. The club’s long-standing history and dedicated membership base contribute to its reputation as a premier destination for naturists looking for a friendly and engaging community​​.

Overall, Green Haven Sun Club remains a cherished place for many naturists, offering a blend of recreational activities, community engagement, and a commitment to preserving the naturist lifestyle for future generations.


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