Minnesota Nudist Resorts

Discover the Tranquility and Freedom of Minnesota’s Nudist Resorts
Minnesota, with its diverse landscapes and natural beauty, is an excellent destination for those seeking the freedom and serenity of nudist resorts. Whether you are a seasoned naturist or new to the lifestyle, Minnesota offers a range of resorts that cater to different preferences and provide a welcoming environment. From the scenic beauty of lakeside retreats to the comfort of secluded forest getaways, Minnesota’s nudist resorts promise an unforgettable experience where you can reconnect with nature and enjoy a relaxing, clothes-free atmosphere.

Avatan Nudist Club Avatan Nudist Club - Avatan Nudist Club, situated in the serene landscapes of Minnesota, offers a welcoming retreat for those seeking the liberating experience of naturism. Established with a vision to provide a safe and respectful environment, Avatan has grown into a vibrant community where individuals and families can embrace a clothes-free lifestyle while enjoying the beauty of nature. The club spans over 40 acres of lush greenery, providing ample space for a variety of outdoor activities. Visitors are greeted by a well-maintained setting that includes a pristine swimming pool, volleyball courts, and scenic walking trails. The natural surroundings not only enhance the aesthetic… ... Read more
The Oakwood Club The Oakwood Club - The Oakwood Club, originally known as the Gopher State Sun Club, was established in 1942 by a small group of five families. These pioneer naturists gathered on Grey Cloud Island, situated between St. Paul and Hastings, Minnesota, to enjoy sunshine and camaraderie. A brief mention in Sunshine and Health magazine attracted more like-minded individuals, leading to the desire for a more private and permanent location. One of the founding families owned a 40-acre plot of heavily wooded land in Circle Pines, Minnesota, about twenty miles north of St. Paul. This land, known as the “Lexington grounds,” became the club’s first… ... Read more

Embrace Naturism in the Land of 10,000 Lakes
Minnesota’s nudist resorts are not just about shedding clothes but also about embracing a community that values body positivity, respect, and a deep connection with nature. Each resort offers unique amenities, activities, and events that allow guests to socialize, explore, and rejuvenate. Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat to unwind or an active environment with plenty of recreational opportunities, Minnesota’s nudist resorts have something for everyone. Plan your visit today and discover the liberating experience of naturism in the heart of the Midwest.
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