Naked Travels

Naked Travels is a distinctive platform catering to enthusiasts of naturism, offering a comprehensive look into the lifestyle of naturists through various segments such as travel documentation, rental accommodations, and personal adventures. The site is managed by Fiona and Michael Discombe, who are prominent figures within the naturist community, known for their travels and vlogs detailing naturist venues globally.

The website serves as a portal for those interested in exploring naturist destinations, providing options for accommodations where guests can enjoy a clothing-free environment. These include properties like Tir Na Nog Naturist Apartment in Spain and La Petit Cretouffiere in Normandy, which offer amenities such as private pools, gardens, and close proximity to local attractions. The accommodations are described as ideal spots for relaxation and enjoying the naturist lifestyle​.

Additionally, Naked Travels offers insights into the personal lives and travels of its founders through social media and their blog, making it a vibrant community hub for those interested in naturism. The platform not only focuses on providing a directory of naturist-friendly accommodations but also delves into the personal experiences of the owners, adding a personal touch to their recommendations​.

For those looking to engage more deeply with the Naked Travels community, the website provides options to become patrons, contributing to the sustainability of the platform and its content. This engagement allows users to support the ongoing documentation and promotion of naturist-friendly locales and experiences around the world​.

Overall, Naked Travels is more than just a travel service; it’s a resource and community for those who embrace the naturist lifestyle, offering both practical travel solutions and a glimpse into the life-long adventures of its naturist advocates.


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  1. Stumbled upon your site and wow, what a treasure trove for naturism enthusiasts like myself! Fiona and Michael, you both have done an amazing job with Naked Travels. It’s not just the breadth of naturist-friendly accommodations that impresses, but also your personal touch in sharing your travels and experiences. It’s refreshing to see such passionate advocacy for the naturist lifestyle, and it certainly adds a whole new layer of trust and intrigue to your recommendations. Also, the option to support your platform as patrons is a fantastic way for the community to give back and keep this wonderful resource thriving. Looking forward to more of your adventures!


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