Natalia Miedziak-Skonieczna

In the realm of artistic photography, few themes are as evocative and primal as the interaction of the human body with nature. Natalia Miedziak-Skonieczna, a seasoned photographer whose career transitioned from dynamic photojournalism to the more introspective domain of artistic photography, has embraced this theme wholeheartedly. Her ongoing project, “Ciałobrazy,” meaning “Body Images” in Polish, is an exploration into the seamless blend of human nudity and the natural world—a dialogue between flesh and flora that challenges and expands the boundaries of conventional naturism.

Miedziak-Skonieczna’s approach is unique in its combination of careful staging and spontaneous interaction. On her photographic sets, she arranges scenes that invite participants—often without prior experience in front of the camera—to not only inhabit but also co-create these arranged frames. This collaborative process is crucial as it allows for an authentic exploration of body positivity and the human form in its most natural state—unadorned and unembellished.

The project “Ciałobrazy” began in 2019 and has since matured into a significant artistic endeavor, celebrated through several exhibitions and publications both in Poland and internationally. This body of work serves not just as an artistic exploration but also as a sociocultural statement, questioning the norms and taboos surrounding human nudity. By placing the naked human body in nature, Miedziak-Skonieczna reclaims it as a natural and integral part of the environmental landscape, free from sexual or exploitative connotations.

For Natalia, the essence of “Ciałobrazy” lies in the opportunity it provides to witness and document the unspoken and often profound interactions between body and earth. These interactions are highlighted through her lens, which captures moments of vulnerability, strength, tranquility, and sometimes confrontation. The project is an invitation to viewers to rethink their perceptions of nudity and nature, encouraging a more accepting and appreciative attitude toward both.

Aside from her professional pursuits, Natalia’s personal life is rich with creative and familial endeavors. She is a mother to a young daughter, Jana, and a partner in life and business with her husband, Radek. Together, they have founded Wydawnictwo Lemuria, publishing thought-provoking works like “Geometria Pytań” (Geometry of Questions) and “Symetria Miłości” (Symmetry of Love), and Studio Lemuria, a space dedicated to visual content creation.

Natalia Miedziak-Skonieczna’s “Ciałobrazy” is more than a photography project; it is a philosophical inquiry into the essence of human existence within the natural world. Through her camera, Natalia invites us to see ourselves as part of a larger whole, beautifully intertwined with the world around us, challenging us to live and view life through a lens of naturist aesthetics.


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