Naturi Sun & Health Club

Naturi Sun & Health Club, nestled on the Central Coast of New South Wales, approximately 30 minutes north of Hornsby, offers a unique and intimate naturist experience. Founded in 1964 by Heinz and Eike, a couple from Germany passionate about the naturist lifestyle, the club has long been a sanctuary for those seeking to connect with nature and embrace the freedom of nudism.

The club operates on principles of privacy, security, and respect, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all members. It is not just a place to visit, but a community where members actively participate in maintaining the grounds and partaking in various social activities. The club’s facilities include a spacious clubhouse, a picnic shelter, sauna, swimming pool, and a mini tennis court, making it a cozy retreat for relaxation and socializing.

Throughout the year, Naturi hosts themed events such as trivia nights, Christmas in July, and Oktoberfest, alongside regular gatherings like the body painting weekend, which are popular among members for their communal and creative spirit​.

The ethos of Naturi emphasizes non-sexual, unclad social interactions that foster a deeper understanding of naturism. This philosophy aligns with the goals to provide a private yet harmonious place for genuine naturists, promote naturism in the Australian community, and honor the legacy of its founders.

For more detailed information about the events and membership, you can visit their official website

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