Naturist Education Foundation (NEF)

The Naturist Education Foundation (NEF), rooted in the free beach movement in North America, serves as a vital informational and educational hub for those interested in the philosophy and lifestyle of naturism. Through a variety of programs and resources, NEF aims to foster a better understanding and acceptance of naturism.

NEF operates extensive resources such as the NEF Research Library and the Toni Egbert Naturist Law Library, which collectively house over 16,000 magazines and 1,000 books related to naturism, making it one of the largest collections of its kind globally. This vast repository is not only a treasure trove for enthusiasts but also serves as a crucial educational tool, offering digital lending and access to a wealth of legal resources online​.

The foundation is actively involved in public outreach through its Speaker’s Bureau, which conducts educational sessions worldwide, informing and clarifying the naturist lifestyle to diverse audiences. This effort is supported by a structured array of board committees responsible for strategic planning, financial management, governance, library management, and external relations, ensuring that NEF’s mission and operations align with its goals of promoting naturism.

Regular newsletters and updates from NEF provide insights into current activities and developments within the naturist community, such as scholarship opportunities, library enhancements, and community events like World Naked Gardening Day. These communications are crucial in keeping the community informed and engaged.

Overall, the Naturist Education Foundation plays a pivotal role in not only preserving the history and literature of naturism but also in advocating for its legitimacy and benefits through structured educational programs and community involvement.


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