Nestled in the Lille area of France, Originelle is a vibrant family naturist association that offers a unique and welcoming space for individuals of all ages to embrace the naturist lifestyle. With a membership base of 200 adults and around 60 children, Originelle is a thriving community that promotes the principles of naturism—living in harmony with nature through the practice of communal nudity, fostering self-respect, respect for others, and environmental awareness.

The Spirit of Originelle
At the heart of Originelle is a profound belief in the joy and freedom that naturism brings. The association provides a nurturing environment where members can experience the bliss of living nude and free, in communion with nature. Whether basking in the warmth of the sun, swimming in crystal-clear waters, or engaging in various activities, members are encouraged to embrace their natural state at their own pace, making the transition to naturism comfortable and enjoyable.

A Community of Inclusivity
Originelle prides itself on its inclusive and diverse community. With members spanning all age groups, the association fosters a respectful and friendly atmosphere where differences are celebrated. The presence of children within the community adds a sense of family and togetherness, making Originelle a place where lifelong friendships are formed and cherished.

Engaging Activities and Facilities
The activities and facilities offered by Originelle are designed to provide members with exciting and enriching experiences throughout the year. One of the main attractions is the swimming pool in Halluin, where members gather twice a month. This well-heated, 25-meter pool offers a perfect setting for socializing and staying active. With aqua gym classes, saunas, Thalasso showers, a relaxation room, a weight room, and various ball games and activities, the swimming pool sessions are a highlight for many members.
For those new to naturism, Originelle offers the opportunity to attend a few swimming pool evenings before becoming a full member. This introductory period allows prospective members to get acquainted with the community and the naturist lifestyle in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Wellness and Relaxation
Beyond the swimming pool, Originelle offers a range of wellness activities that cater to different interests. The hammam experience is a well-established tradition within the community, with three hammams—Tunisian, Algerian, and Moroccan—open to those who appreciate the oriental tradition of relaxation and rejuvenation.
Twice a year, the tropical aqua park Océade in Brussels hosts sessions that attract up to 700 participants. These events are a fantastic opportunity for members to enjoy a fun-filled day in a tropical setting, enhancing their sense of community and belonging.

Diverse Leisure Activities
Originelle’s commitment to providing diverse leisure activities ensures there is something for everyone. The association organizes friendly massage workshops, naturist yoga sessions, body painting, nude theatre, nude trekking, cultural outings and nude bowling, among others. These activities are tailored to members’ interests and offer numerous ways to enjoy the naturist lifestyle in various settings.

Regional Weekends and Socializing
In addition to the regular activities, Originelle participates in regional weekends once or twice a year. These weekends are an opportunity for members to meet with other naturist associations in the area, either on a naturist site or in suitable accommodations. These gatherings are characterized by their sociable and welcoming nature, allowing members to form connections and enjoy shared experiences.

Joining Originelle is straightforward and affordable. The annual membership fee, which includes a license from the French Naturist Federation, is 35 € per person. There are special membership rates for young adults aged 15 to 18, making it accessible for families and individuals alike.

Embracing Naturism with Originelle
Originelle stands as a testament to the beauty and freedom of the naturist lifestyle. By offering a supportive community, a wide range of activities, and an inclusive atmosphere, Originelle enables its members to explore naturism at their own pace, fostering a sense of harmony, respect, and connection with nature. Whether you are new to naturism or an experienced practitioner, Originelle welcomes you to join its vibrant and diverse community, where you can live nude and free, and enjoy the many benefits of this enriching way of life.

Website: www.originelle-naturisme.fr

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