Shangri La Ranch

Shangri La Ranch, nestled in New River, Arizona, offers a unique and liberating experience as a naturist resort. It promotes a clothing-optional policy, creating a comfortable atmosphere for guests to embrace naturism at their own pace. This inclusive approach caters both to long-time naturists and first-timers looking to explore the lifestyle in a non-judgmental environment.

The resort features a variety of amenities designed to enhance the relaxation and enjoyment of its guests. There are two swimming pools, with one heated to ensure year-round enjoyment, alongside a hot tub located just outside the clubhouse. These facilities, maintained at comfortable temperatures, forbid the use of bathing suits, aligning with the naturist ethos of the resort​.

For those seeking active recreation, Shangri La Ranch offers a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities. Guests can engage in water volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and hiking on trails that showcase the beautiful desert scenery. The fitness center is equipped with cardio equipment and free weights, catering to those who wish to keep up with their exercise routine. Additionally, the Bare Buns Café provides a casual dining experience from Friday through Sunday, with special dinner events on Saturdays​.

Social activities at Shangri La are abundant, with the clubhouse serving as the central hub. It features a large dance floor and facilities for karaoke nights, dances, and other community gatherings. The game room, adjacent to the main pool, offers entertainment such as pool tables, darts, and ping pong​.

For accommodation, Shangri La Ranch offers options ranging from RV sites to cabins, making it accessible for various preferences and budgets. The resort’s friendly and welcoming community, coupled with its diverse facilities, ensures that guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay, embracing the freedom and natural beauty of naturism​.

Overall, Shangri La Ranch stands out not just for its comprehensive facilities and activities, but also for its commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all visitors, promoting the naturist lifestyle with a spirit of openness and acceptance.


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