Solair Recreation League

Solair Recreation League

Solair Recreation League, nestled in the serene Woodstock, Connecticut, is a well-established nudist resort that has been offering a unique blend of natural and social experiences since 1934. This expansive 360-acre facility is designed to accommodate a family-friendly atmosphere where individuals of all ages can enjoy the freedom of nudism in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

Solair is recognized for its inclusive community and comprehensive amenities that cater to both the recreation and relaxation needs of its visitors. The resort features a range of facilities including a solar-heated swimming pool, a sandy pond beach, tennis and pickleball courts, and volleyball areas. For relaxation, there’s a sauna and hot tub, and numerous hiking trails for those who enjoy nature walks. The Delish Bistro on-site offers a variety of dining options, ensuring visitors have access to meals during their stay.

The resort organizes a variety of events and activities, making it a vibrant community for social nudists. From sports and socials to special dinner events and parties, there’s always something happening at Solair. This allows visitors to engage with a diverse group of people from different backgrounds in a welcoming setting.

Security and privacy are taken seriously at Solair, with first-time visitors required to present a valid photo ID and undergo background checks. This ensures a safe environment for all patrons. The resort operates primarily from late April through October for visitors, but members can enjoy the facilities year-round.

For those interested in a longer stay or even permanent residence, Solair offers rental cabins and campsite options, with the possibility of purchasing homes within the resort for a more permanent connection to the community.

Solair’s commitment to a respectful and discrimination-free environment is evident in its policies and the warm reception extended by its staff and volunteers. It’s an ideal destination for those new to nudism or seasoned nudists looking for a community that embraces the naturist lifestyle in a picturesque New England setting.


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