Springfield MSAS

Springfield is the cherished home of the Manchester Sun & Air Society, a place where members have nurtured and cared for the land since its purchase in 1948. Over the decades, we have diligently preserved the natural beauty of the woodland and the serene ponds that define our landscape. At the same time, we have thoughtfully developed our facilities to enhance the experience for both members and visitors. Our commitment to maintaining a friendly and welcoming naturist club remains steadfast, and we take pride in the community we have built.

We uphold a strong sense of propriety within Springfield, ensuring that all visitors conduct themselves with respect and consideration for others. Our guidelines are designed to maintain the Society’s good name and provide a pleasant environment for everyone. We ask that noise be kept to a minimum, particularly after midnight, to preserve the tranquility of our surroundings.

As part of our commitment to propriety, we have specific rules regarding personal adornments and photography. Intimate body jewelry, including that worn on nipples and genitalia, is not permitted within the Society’s grounds. Additionally, photography is strictly prohibited to protect the privacy and comfort of all our members and guests.

Pets are welcomed at Springfield, but we ask that they be kept under close control at all times and exercised off-site. This ensures that our natural environment remains undisturbed and enjoyable for everyone.

By adhering to these simple yet important rules, we aim to create a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere where all visitors can enjoy their stay. At Springfield, the Manchester Sun & Air Society continues to be a sanctuary where naturism thrives in a setting of respect, natural beauty, and community spirit.

Website: www.springfieldmsas.org

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