Springwood Sun Club

Welcome to Springwood Sun Club, a family-friendly naturist haven nestled in the beautiful Essex countryside. Established in 1958, our club has been a welcoming retreat for naturists for decades. The land on which Springwood sits is held in trust, ensuring that it will always be used as a naturist venue run by its members for its members.

Our diverse community includes people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, all of whom benefit from the physical and mental health advantages that naturism provides. As naturism grows in popularity in the UK, more individuals are discovering the liberating and positive experience of being naked, fostering a strong sense of body positivity.

The club’s facilities are designed to enhance your naturist experience. Our grounds feature a private wood, perfect for peaceful walks and wildlife spotting. The outdoor heated swimming pool provides a refreshing place to swim, while the pavilion, clubhouse, and sauna offer additional comfort and relaxation. Members also enjoy a variety of sports activities and social events throughout the year, fostering a strong sense of community.

Springwood Sun Club is not a pay-as-you-go facility; rather, it is a fraternity of individuals who embrace naturism and the opportunities our grounds offer. New members are always welcome, whether they are new to naturism or experienced naturists. We value participation in the club’s ethos and maintaining a friendly and respectful environment.

Our club operates on a membership basis, with day visitors and campers allowed during the Open Season (Easter to October) by arrangement. Members visit throughout the year, with summer being the busiest time. As a member of British Naturism (BN), Springwood Sun Club is part of a larger network of naturist organizations promoting this enriching lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to try naturism for the first time or are an established naturist, Springwood Sun Club offers a serene and supportive environment for you to enjoy the numerous benefits of naturism.

Website: springwoodsunclub.co.uk

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