Vassaliki Villa

Vassaliki Bare Brilliance, once a cherished retreat for naturists, has paused its operations. However, its legacy, crafted by Mark and Samantha, continues to resonate with its loyal community. The couple’s passion for naturism and dedication to creating an inclusive, welcoming environment have left an indelible mark on the naturist world.

A Brief History
Vigla Natura Ltd, founded in 2006 by Mark and Samantha, aimed to provide exclusive naturist holidays. In 2007, they unveiled Vassaliki, a small, intimate resort set in a rural natural environment. The resort embodied the true essence of naturism, promoting a lifestyle in harmony with nature, characterized by personal and social nudity, self-respect, and respect for the environment.

Achievements and Expansion
Vassaliki quickly gained popularity due to its friendly and personalized service. It garnered several awards, including a place in the Telegraph’s top 100 resorts to visit in 2009. In 2011, Mark and Samantha expanded their vision with the Vasnat Naturist Spa Resort, a 4-star boutique hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. This experience enriched their understanding and approach to naturist hospitality, which they hoped to bring to a new location in Europe.

Community and Connection
Beyond the resorts, Vigla Natura Ltd organized UK-based Reunion Weekends. These events allowed guests to reconnect, enjoy gala dinners, and relax in leisure facilities dedicated exclusively to naturists. Over the years, Vassaliki welcomed both seasoned naturists and newcomers, fostering a growing community of people exploring the naturist lifestyle for the first time.

The People Behind Vassaliki
Mark, a qualified chef, transitioned from the culinary world to become a water-sports instructor before co-founding Vigla Natura Ltd. Samantha, with a background in management at JPMorgan Chase, brought her extensive experience in operations, hospitality, and event management to the venture. Their combined skills and passion for naturism shaped the unique character of Vassaliki.
The couple met in 2000, married in 2004, and established Vigla Natura Ltd in 2006. Their love for naturist holidays and travel, combined with their commitment to their guests, created a warm and inviting atmosphere at Vassaliki.

Challenges and Future Prospects
Vassaliki closed in 2022 after two challenging years during the pandemic. The lack of support from the UK and Greek governments made it unsustainable for Mark and Samantha to continue operating without income. Despite this setback, their love for naturism and the support of their guests remain strong.
Currently residing in Kefalonia during the summer, Mark and Samantha are taking time to reassess their options. They hope to return with a new Vassaliki concept, continuing their mission to provide exceptional naturist experiences.

While Vassaliki Bare Brilliance is not currently operating, its spirit lives on. Mark and Samantha’s dedication to naturism and their guests has created a lasting legacy. As they explore future opportunities, the naturist community eagerly awaits the potential return of Vassaliki, reimagined and revitalized.


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