Camping “Achter ut Huus”

Nestled in the scenic countryside of North Brabant, Netherlands, Camping ‘Achter ut Huus’ is a quaint naturist campsite that offers guests a unique blend of tranquility and warmth, primarily facilitated by its owners, Maria and Wiel, who have been running it for over three decades. This campsite, once a traditional farm, now serves as a retreat where naturism is embraced in a family-friendly environment.

Camping ‘Achter ut Huus’ is renowned for its exceptional cleanliness and well-maintained facilities which include neat sanitary blocks, a welcoming swimming pool, and well-kept camping grounds. The campsite provides various accommodation options, from spacious pitches for tents and caravans to cozy bungalows for those seeking a little more comfort. Each option offers guests the chance to connect with nature and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

The campsite is particularly praised for its accessibility features, making it suitable for guests with disabilities. Pets are also welcomed, allowing visitors to bring their furry friends along for their stay. The terrain is easily navigable, ensuring everyone can enjoy what the campsite has to offer without difficulty.

Activities around the campsite are abundant, with options suitable for all ages. The site is ideal for cycling and leisurely walks, thanks to its proximity to serene natural landscapes and marked trails. For the more adventurous, the nearby Kraaijenbergse Plassen lake area offers ample opportunities for water sports.

Community events, like communal meals and local excursions, are regularly organized, fostering a sense of community and providing guests with opportunities to engage with each other in a relaxed setting. Reviews consistently highlight the friendly atmosphere fostered by the hosts and the overall welcoming naturist community at the site.

Despite its many offerings, it’s worth noting that the campsite’s pricing is considered slightly higher than average for a rural camping experience, reflecting the quality and range of facilities provided. However, most guests find the overall value and experience well worth the expense.

In conclusion, Camping ‘Achter ut Huus’ represents an excellent choice for naturists looking for a peaceful getaway in the Netherlands, combining excellent facilities with a warm, welcoming environment. For those considering a stay, it’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons, to secure the best spots and take full advantage of this charming naturist haven.


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