Naturist Swimming Zwolle

Naturist Swimming ZwolleDo you want to be sporty once or twice a week?
Do you enjoy swimming laps or recreational swimming?
Do you want to experience what that feels like without swimsuits?
Do you like fun; alone or with your family?
You are very welcome to come and experience this.
As an avid naturist, I heard in the mid-seventies that a large group of enthusiasts rang the bell at the municipality with the request to make naturist swimming possible in Zwolle.
With so many requests and thanks to the media, the city council changed tack and, with municipal permission, naturist swimming was officially allowed in Zwolle.
Swimming club NUL Zwolle was founded and thanks to the efforts of a large number of volunteers, it is still a pleasant swimming club for young and old.
A swimming club that makes it possible to continue to swim naturist outside the summer season.
It is recommended for everyone to go swimming in the nude, it is truly a great experience to swim without swimsuits.
It really is liberating, because in our hectic everyday life, in which rules and laws mark our paths, you must also create a moment to relax, with swimming in the nude you really cover everything, you are pure natural person, in a nice environment of like-minded people.
Naturism is not my hobby, it’s part of my life, pure nature a way of live.