Abruzzo Naturist Association (ANAB)

The Abruzzo Naturist Association (ANAB) plays a pivotal role in promoting naturism in the Abruzzo region of Italy, championing the philosophies of naturism among the public and institutions. Established in May 2009, ANAB has been a part of the Italian Naturist Federation since 2010, and through it, a member of the International Naturist Federation.

ANAB’s efforts have led to the establishment of the Lido Punta Le Morge as the first officially recognized naturist beach on the Adriatic coast of Italy, a significant milestone achieved in 2014. This location is central to ANAB’s activities which include the promotion and safeguarding of naturist values and environmental conservation.

Throughout the year, ANAB organizes numerous wellness events, especially during the colder months, at various affiliated wellness centers that feature amenities like pools and saunas. These events are an essential part of their community-building efforts, providing a platform for social interaction among members.

ANAB has also adapted to changing circumstances, such as the restrictions introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic, by launching “Web-Anab” events. These virtual gatherings have allowed the community to stay connected and continue discussing important topics through online conferences.

As an Association of Social Promotion, ANAB benefits from certain fiscal advantages and operational freedoms that facilitate its activities aimed at promoting a lifestyle that respects both human and animal rights and advocates for environmental and consumer awareness.

ANAB remains deeply engaged in advocacy, working to enhance the acceptance and facilities for naturism in Italy. This includes active participation in naturist events both nationally and internationally, promoting non-discrimination and supporting a variety of causes from environmentalism to animal rights.

For more detailed activities and membership information, ANAB encourages interested individuals to reach out via their official platforms or contact them directly for an immersive experience in naturism​.

Website: www.abruzzonaturista.it

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