Calgary Naturist Camping

Calgary Naturist Camping, operating under the name Bare Meadows, offers a unique experience for those interested in naturism. Located just outside Calgary, Alberta, this camping facility provides a space where individuals and families can engage in naturist activities in a safe and respectful environment.

The camp hosts several themed events throughout the warmer months, from nude barbecues and games nights to multiple nude campouts including a special event during the Calgary Stampede week. This variety ensures that there are plenty of opportunities for regular visitors and new members to enjoy the liberating experience of naturism​.

Bare Meadows is committed to creating a family-friendly atmosphere that upholds the core values of naturism. This includes respect for personal privacy and strict policies on photography, where consent is paramount. The campsite ensures that any photographs taken are only for publication purposes and with the express permission of the individuals photographed​.

Membership policies at Bare Meadows are currently under review, indicating an evolving approach to inclusivity and accessibility​. The site’s etiquette guidelines emphasize respectful behavior, including the proper use of hygiene barriers when using communal furniture, and restrictions on overt sexuality and substance use to maintain a welcoming environment for all ages.

Reviews from previous visitors often highlight the welcoming nature of the community and the dedication of the hosts in ensuring a great experience for everyone. This feedback underscores the camp’s reputation as a place where newcomers to naturism can feel comfortable and supported as they explore this lifestyle.

For those interested in visiting or becoming a member of Bare Meadows, it’s recommended to check their official website or contact them directly for the most current information regarding events, fees, and policies. This will ensure an informed and enjoyable visit to one of Calgary’s distinctive naturist destinations.


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