Free Beaches New Zealand Inc

Free Beaches NZ Inc. is a New Zealand-based society dedicated to promoting and defending the rights of naturists and beach skinny-dippers. Established in 1975, it serves as an advocate for clothes-free recreation, providing members and the public with information about beaches and other venues suitable for naturism.

The organization’s mission is centered around the enjoyment, responsibility, and solidarity among those who appreciate the freedom of naturism. It emphasizes healthy, non-sexualized enjoyment of naturist activities and places strong importance on respecting the privacy and comfort of others. Members are expected to adhere to strict etiquette guidelines, such as being courteous, avoiding sexual activity and personal remarks, and respecting the personal space of others. Free Beaches NZ also uses a distinctive flag to mark their areas on beaches, helping to maintain a respectful distance from non-naturist beachgoers.

The society’s website is a resource-rich portal for both newcomers and seasoned naturists. It features a color-coded navigation system that divides content into categories like naturist-friendly accommodations, notable beach locations, events, and legal research. The site details activities and options available across New Zealand, organized geographically from north to south. Members have access to a variety of events and gatherings, including beach and river outings, camping, and social evenings, which are held throughout the year, catering to the seasonal appropriateness of naturist activities.

Membership to Free Beaches NZ is available to individuals and families, providing benefits such as newsletters, discounts on merchandise like towels and shirts, and access to member-only events. The annual membership fee helps support the organization’s activities and advocacy efforts.

For those interested in exploring naturist beaches and activities across New Zealand, Free Beaches NZ offers a comprehensive guide and welcomes participation from all who share their values of respect and freedom​.

For further details, visiting the Free Beaches NZ website will provide extensive information about their activities, membership details, and the naturist lifestyle.


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