Kiepersolkloof Private Nature Reserve

Kiepersolkloof Private Nature Reserve is a unique retreat in South Africa, offering an immersive naturist experience in the heart of the African bushveld. Spanning over 207 hectares in the North-West Province, the reserve is surrounded by natural beauty, including two dramatic gorges lush with wild olives and thorn trees, and adorned with the majestic Kiepersol tree.

The reserve boasts a rich variety of wildlife, where visitors might spot bushbucks, warthogs, kudus, and an array of bird species like the francolin, hornbills, and finches. This environment offers a tranquil escape where naturists can engage in activities such as walking trails, bird watching, and enjoying the serene dam area​.

Kiepersolkloof provides various accommodation options tailored to enhance the naturist lifestyle. Guests can choose from shaded caravan and camping sites equipped with necessary amenities, self-catering cottages like the Manor House and G&G’s, offering privacy, comfort, and stunning views of the valley​​. Additional facilities include a solar-heated hot tub, swimming pool, and dedicated braai (barbecue) areas, reinforcing the blend of comfort and natural living​.

A strong emphasis is placed on respecting the natural environment and community standards. Visitors are expected to engage with the setting in a manner that honors the principles of naturism, with rules that include the preservation of flora and fauna, adhering to dress codes in communal areas, and guidelines for fire safety and noise levels​. The reserve also fosters a non-judgmental atmosphere where body positivity and natural living are celebrated, aiming to provide an honest, relaxing, and friendly environment.

Kiepersolkloof is not just a place to visit; it’s a community where naturists can truly connect with nature and each other in a respectful and serene setting.

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