Lupin Lodge Naturist Resort

Nestled in the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains of California, Lupin Lodge Naturist Resort stands as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature and human freedom. Established in 1935, this serene haven has been offering an idyllic escape from the confines of everyday life, allowing guests to embrace the liberating lifestyle of naturism. With its lush landscapes, diverse amenities, and a warm, welcoming community, Lupin Lodge provides an unparalleled experience for naturists seeking solace and connection in a natural setting.

A Rich History of Naturism
Lupin Lodge has a storied history as one of the oldest naturist resorts in the United States. Founded during the Great Depression, it has weathered various challenges and transformations, evolving into a cherished destination for naturists from around the world. The lodge’s commitment to the principles of body acceptance, environmental stewardship, and community spirit has remained steadfast throughout the decades, making it a cornerstone of the naturist movement in America.

Embracing Nature’s Beauty
The resort spans over 110 acres of breathtaking terrain, offering guests an immersive experience in nature. Towering redwoods, verdant meadows, and tranquil streams create a serene backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. The natural beauty of Lupin Lodge is complemented by well-maintained hiking trails that wind through the property, inviting guests to explore and connect with the environment. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the woods or a more vigorous hike to scenic viewpoints, the resort’s landscapes offer something for everyone.

Amenities and Activities
Lupin Lodge is designed to provide a comprehensive naturist experience, with a wide array of amenities and activities that cater to both relaxation and recreation. The resort features a large, heated swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing dip or lounging under the sun. Adjacent to the pool, the hot tub offers a soothing retreat, ideal for unwinding after a day of activities.
For those seeking wellness and relaxation, Lupin Lodge boasts a sauna and a massage therapy center, where skilled therapists provide treatments aimed at enhancing physical and mental well-being. Yoga and meditation sessions are regularly held, fostering a holistic approach to health and inner peace.
The resort’s vibrant social calendar includes a variety of events and workshops, ranging from art classes and live music performances to educational seminars on naturism and environmental conservation. These activities provide opportunities for guests to engage with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Lupin Lodge offers a range of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. From rustic tent sites and cozy cabins to well-appointed yurts and RV hookups, guests can choose the level of comfort that best fits their needs. Each accommodation option is thoughtfully integrated into the natural surroundings, ensuring that visitors remain connected to the environment throughout their stay.
The lodge also features a communal dining area, where guests can enjoy nutritious, locally-sourced meals prepared by talented chefs. The emphasis on healthy, sustainable cuisine aligns with the resort’s overall ethos of living in harmony with nature.

Community and Philosophy
At the heart of Lupin Lodge is a strong sense of community and a commitment to the values of naturism. The resort embraces the philosophy that body acceptance and social nudity promote a healthier, more positive self-image and foster genuine connections among people. This inclusive and supportive environment encourages guests to shed societal inhibitions and experience a profound sense of freedom and belonging.
The resort’s community is characterized by its diversity, welcoming individuals and families from all walks of life. This inclusive atmosphere is a testament to Lupin Lodge’s dedication to creating a space where everyone can feel accepted and valued.

Environmental Stewardship
Lupin Lodge is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and stewardship. The resort implements eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, from waste reduction and recycling programs to the use of renewable energy sources. Guests are encouraged to participate in conservation efforts, such as tree planting and habitat restoration projects, fostering a collective responsibility towards preserving the natural beauty of the area.

Lupin Lodge Naturist Resort offers a unique and enriching experience for those seeking to embrace naturism in a stunning natural setting. With its rich history, diverse amenities, and a strong sense of community, the resort provides an ideal retreat for individuals and families looking to reconnect with nature and themselves. Whether you are a seasoned naturist or new to the lifestyle, Lupin Lodge welcomes you to discover the joys of living free and authentically in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


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