NatamsNL – about naturism

NatamsNL - about naturismAs a naturist in The Netherlands I am lucky to have a wide choice of places to practice naturism. Since naturism in many countries is not as accepted as it is in The Netherlands, I wrote an article about naturism in The Netherlands. The climate here makes it only possible to have naked activities outdoors from May till early October. Throughout the entire year many naturist indoor activities are organized as well. Like naked swim hours in many pools, naturist sports groups and very popular, the sauna.
When I travel myself, I like to go to places where I can be naked. A good preparation is key. Browsing the internet you find many websites about naturism. Some very useful. The sites I find to be relevant are all described in the naturist links section.
I used to run the only naturist Bed and Breakfast in Amsterdam until 2020. I kept some of the information for people who visit Amsterdam. You find them on the page tips for tourists.
If you would like to see more of my naturist activities, have a look at my profiles on MeWe and Twitter.