Telemark Naturist Association (NATE)

Telemark Naturist Association (NATE) is a prominent organization in Norway, dedicated to promoting and facilitating naturism. Established in 2011, NATE has a rich history of providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for naturists. The association is part of the larger Norwegian Naturist Association, which works to promote naturist values and lifestyles across the country.

One of the core principles of NATE is the promotion of body positivity and self-acceptance. The association believes that naturism can help individuals develop a healthier relationship with their bodies, free from the pressures and judgments of modern society. By encouraging members to embrace their natural selves, NATE aims to create a supportive and inclusive community where everyone can feel comfortable and confident.

Membership in NATE is open to anyone who supports the principles of naturism. The association offers several membership options, including individual, family, and student memberships, making it accessible to a wide range of people. Members benefit from access to NATE’s naturist sites, participation in events and activities, and a sense of belonging to a vibrant and supportive community.

NATE is also involved in advocacy and outreach efforts to promote naturism in Norway. The association works to raise awareness about the benefits of naturism and to challenge misconceptions and stereotypes about the lifestyle. Through its advocacy work, NATE aims to create a more accepting and understanding society where naturism is recognized and respected.

The Telemark Naturist Association is more than just a recreational organization; it is a community dedicated to promoting the values of naturism and supporting its members in their naturist journeys. With its beautiful locations, inclusive atmosphere, and commitment to body positivity, NATE provides an ideal environment for individuals to explore and embrace the naturist lifestyle. Whether you are a lifelong naturist or new to the concept, NATE offers a welcoming and supportive community where you can enjoy the freedom and benefits of naturism.


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