Naturist Life

Naturist Life magazine is a vibrant publication that has been a cornerstone of the naturist community for over three decades. The magazine, published bi-monthly, offers a diverse array of content that ranges from feature articles on holidays, beaches, and clubs to insights into the personalities shaping the naturist movement. Its editorial content is not shy about tackling all aspects of naturism, promising a candid and broad view of the lifestyle.

The magazine began as a modest newsletter called Shabden News, serving as a communication tool for members of the Shabden Leisure Circle. Over the years, it has evolved into a comprehensive 40-page full-color magazine. The transformation reflects its growth from a simple newsletter to a professional publication promoting naturism not only as a pastime but also as a lifestyle and philosophy.

Suzanne Piper, the editor of Naturist Life and a seasoned naturist with over 40 years of experience, plays a significant role in the magazine’s direction. She is also a prominent figure on the international naturism scene and contributes as a journalist and writer.

One of the notable features of subscribing to Naturist Life is the array of benefits it offers, including organized holidays, club visits, and the opportunity to host social events. Moreover, subscribers receive discounts that can offset the subscription cost, encompassing holiday insurance and events. The magazine encourages its readers to engage actively by organizing activities and contributing to its vibrant community through various events and social gatherings.

In addition to its regular features, Naturist Life actively supports and reports on the World Naked Bike Ride and maintains a consistent focus on naturist activities across the globe. It provides comprehensive coverage of beach culture and updates on naturist venues, alongside promoting naturist holidays, particularly in France, through detailed arrangements and offerings​​.

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