New Naturist Resorts in Bali

What’s a Naturist Resort in Bali really like?

We are in Bali, a place renowned for honeymooners, yogis, and Instagrammers seeking iconic photos. However, our journey to Bali has a unique purpose—exploring its newly established naturist resorts.

Hello, we are Nick and Lins. For the past five years, we have traveled to some of the world’s most stunning naturist destinations. Our goal is to experience naturism on every continent. Subscribe to our channel and join us on this incredible journey. Currently, we are in Asia, where two new naturist resorts have opened in Bali. In this video, we’ll introduce you to the first one.

Before diving into the naturist experience, let’s explore our current location, Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park. This park features one of the world’s largest statues, depicting the Hindu god Vishnu, the protector of the Earth. Despite Indonesia being a predominantly Muslim country, Bali stands out with its Hindu majority, making Vishnu highly significant.

Tourism in Bali is still recovering, which means fewer crowds for us to navigate. This gives us a more intimate experience with the island’s rich culture and traditions. Unlike the ancient cathedrals of Europe, Bali’s cultural expressions are vibrant and continually evolving, celebrated through new statues and parks like this one.

Now, let’s get to the highlight of our visit—the Gecko Resort, a brand new naturist resort.

Welcome to Gecko Resort
Let’s start with a tour of our room. While it seems like a standard room at first glance, the details make a difference. The resort provides information on local activities like surfing and diving, a personalized welcome, a map of Bali, and a breakfast menu. The room features a big TV with Netflix, universal and USB sockets for convenience, and even beautiful Balinese sarongs.

Gecko Resort offers four themed rooms, each named after an animal. We are staying in the Dolphin Room, which is equipped with a water dispenser for eco-friendly hydration, ample cupboard space, and essentials like a safe, hairdryer, and umbrellas. The bathroom is a blend of comfort and Balinese aesthetics, with an open shower and tropical plants.

Exploring the resort
The common area around the pool is my favorite spot. It embodies Bali’s greenery and traditional touches, with gecko-themed lights adding a charming touch. There’s also a bar and breakfast area for a complete resort experience.

Venturing out
On the southern peninsula of Bali, Gecko Resort’s location is ideal for exploring nearby attractions with ease. Renting a scooter, thanks to our Patreon supporters, allows us to navigate the island effortlessly.

Our first destination is the Uluwatu Temple. This iconic temple perched on a cliff offers stunning seaside views and vibrant flora. However, beware of the notorious monkeys that are adept at stealing personal items, like sunglasses.

Beach time
Next, we head to Balangan Beach, a quieter spot compared to Bali’s more commercialized beaches. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Sunset at Balangan Beach
Watching the sunset here is a must-do activity. Despite some clouds, the experience is beautiful and fulfilling.

Our four days in Bali have been eventful. We found a fantastic resort, explored new parts of the island, and encountered Bali’s unique blend of nature and culture. There’s still much to see, including another new naturist resort in the north. Stay tuned for more adventures by subscribing to our channel. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. See you in the next one!

We found a Unique New Naturist Experience in Bali

There are over a thousand temples in Bali, and in this video, we are going to show you all of them… Just kidding! Let’s stop fooling around and show you our view.

The fact that we can see the ocean from the swimming pool isn’t the only thing that makes this place special. This is probably the youngest naturist resort in the world—it just opened a couple of weeks ago. What’s really unique is that it’s the only naturist resort in the world run by Balinese people. We’re going to show you around later, but first, a bit about us.

We are Nick and Lens. For the last five years, we have been traveling to some of the most amazing naturist places on the planet. Now, we’ve embarked on an epic journey to experience naturism on every continent. Subscribe and travel along with us!

Right now, we are in Asia. Look, I’m in the resort’s swimming pool. If you follow this channel, you probably know that this can only mean two things: either the weather outside is very hot, or the water in the swimming pool is very warm. And I can tell you, it’s both. I’m really enjoying it here; I could stay here quite a long time, but you probably want to see more of the resort. Okay, let’s start the tour.

It’s important to mention that this place is Balinese-run because you will see it in many small details. It starts right at the entrance. Just look at the door—it can’t be more Balinese than this. The roof is also in a traditional Balinese style. Many resorts in Bali are run by foreigners, and they often have a Western influence, but here it feels much more authentic. Well, maybe not the infinity pool—that’s quite Western.

On the side of the swimming pool, there are four rooms, and we are staying in Room D. Look at the table and chairs—it’s all Bali, Bali, Bali. There’s even a Bali flower. This is our room, and while you might say it’s a pretty standard, basic room, that’s just how a room or house in Bali looks from the inside. It has a traditional roof—I don’t even know what material it is, but if you know, leave it in the comments. We have this big, cool bamboo bed. It’s real bamboo.

It’s a bit of a pity because when we arrived here yesterday, there was this beautiful sculpture made of towels, but obviously, we had to remove it because we slept here. Maybe I can show you another room with the towel sculpture.

The Balinese have such an eye for detail. They do that with towels, carve their fruits, and woods. This room apparently has an extra bed, but otherwise, it looks exactly like ours. There’s a place for your luggage and a sink—it’s very Balinese with an all-in-one bathroom.

These were the rooms. What’s next? How about a little swim break? Actually, yes.

Did I already mention that I could probably stay in the swimming pool all day? But it looks like it’s getting a little cloudy, so we’ll have to continue the tour.

The rest of the resort is mostly a garden, but the owner told us to see it as an undeveloped area. For example, she wants to build a fire pit or create a place where people can come together, have a drink, play some guitar, and share stories—just a cozy area. She has many ideas for improving the resort, focusing on creating a social atmosphere and bringing people together, which we love.

You’re looking at a bit of a chicken-or-egg situation here. Either you come tomorrow or the day after, and by visiting now, you can support the growth of the resort and speed it up. Or you can wait until the resort is completely finished. My advice would be to come twice—come now and later. It’s a naturist resort; it’s going to be fun anyway, and it’s already a nice place.

This area is already finished—the massage area. I hope it’s finished because I just ordered a massage, and she said yes, but that’s for later. The last place I want to show you is the kitchen. It’s not a very special kitchen, but the interesting fact is that there is no menu, yet you can get breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. You just order what you want, and she will cook it for you. She’ll go to the supermarket or groceries and make it fresh. This is another reason to visit now, as she may not be able to do this once the resort is full all the time.

There’s one more space I haven’t seen, so let’s check it out together. It’s another dining area with a pretty awesome view. This concludes the resort tour.

This area is mostly known for its nature and relaxed vibe, but that’s something for tomorrow. Now, we’re going to do what we do best—is it chilling? It’s definitely chilling.

We have a slightly different understanding of what chilling means. Waterfalls.

Bali is famous for its waterfalls, especially in the north. They are everywhere. This is the Aling-Aling waterfall, and it always surprises me that despite the abundance of waterfalls, there are always many people. That’s a bit of a downside; they often try to turn them into water parks with swimming holes and slides. Maybe it’s partly because I didn’t consider bringing swimwear, so I won’t be swimming. It’s a pity because the sky is getting gray, so the chance of getting wet is high. The cool thing about this waterfall is that Aling-Aling is the first one you encounter, and that’s where all the people are. But if you walk a bit further, there are more waterfalls, and it feels more like a waterfall hike, which is more our thing.

It’s a bit wet here. Is it because of the waterfall or the rain? I don’t know—look at this rain.

It certainly stopped raining again, so maybe it was the waterfall after all. But then it really started raining, so we left the waterfalls and made our way back to the coast. After just one rain shower, the value of the waterfalls completely changes.

This is the beach you can see from the naturist resort. It’s really cool—the weather here is totally blue, and if you look at the mountain side, it’s gray—that’s where we came from. It’s crazy how quiet it is here. Everywhere else was full of traffic, cars, people, motorcycles, but here I can just walk in the middle of the street.

When coming to the north of Bali, don’t expect white coconut beaches—the sand here is black, making your visit very interesting. Black sand gets very hot, so bring flip-flops to avoid discomfort.

The quietness here may be enjoyable for us, but it’s bad news for the local community. The tourist shops are empty because tourists haven’t returned to this part of Bali. This morning, the owner of Bali Natur told us she wants to give a part of the resort’s profit back to the community, specifically to help children go back to school. So, by visiting and going naked, you can help the Balinese community and children return to school.

If you come back to Bali, this is definitely a part of the island worth exploring more. We would love to stay longer at Bali Natur, but we only have a few days left, so we’re heading back to Ubud to try something different.

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The pool is a bit too deep.

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