NFN Open & Bare

NFN Open & BareWe are an association for our members and affiliated naturist associations.

NFN Open & Bloot is a membership organization and has been committed to nude recreation in the Netherlands since 1961. NFN is the advocate of nude recreation in the Netherlands and works on the social acceptance of nudity in general and of nude recreation in particular. NFN shares knowledge and information with nude recreationists, interested parties, governments, recreation boards and the press.

What exactly do we do?
– Advocacy : we are in daily dialogue with governments, recreation boards and entrepreneurs, for example to maintain or expand nudist beaches or to give advice. We often do this together with a delegation of nude recreationists who are involved in the issue in question.
– Social acceptance : we screen reports regarding nude recreation and actively seek out the media to get involved in interesting social debates.
– Sharing knowledge and information : we answer questions from members and interested parties and provide information. We do this through our magazines , websites, newsletters, socials, during events and activities, per email or telephone.

Vision and mission
NFN Open & Bare is committed to a Netherlands in which everyone has the choice to recreate in complete freedom in his or her own way and in which others respect that choice.
NFN Open & Bloot initiates, supports and facilitates initiatives, in a leading role, in the field of nude recreation. With appreciation and respect for everyone’s interpretation of this. We inspire and connect people who (want to) recreate naked in complete freedom.

Core values
Values ​​diversity. NFN gives the various customer groups the opportunity to give their own interpretation to nude recreation. This is what NFN sees as wealth and is therefore something to embrace! In this way we keep coming up with new ideas.
Undertakes. NFN takes an initiating role and develops or facilitates innovative services and products. In addition, NFN has an open mind to see and seize opportunities for adjustment, improvement or innovation.
Listens and connects. NFN listens to its members and stakeholders, monitors sounds and developments in society and facilitates and inspires nude recreationists. Together we create a society in which exposure is the most normal thing in the world.