Nudist beaches in the Netherlands

Welcome to my website. I am Tjipke Tasma from Leeuwarden and since 1981 a loyal visitor to the nudist beach in the Groene Ster near Leeuwarden. At the beginning of 2006 I started a site about this nudist beach, under the simple name At the same time I also bought the domain for this site. Halfway through 2007 I really started to visit all the nudist beaches myself. In the meantime I have visited most nudist beaches several times and what strikes me is how much they keep changing. Nudist beaches are (unfortunately) closed, moved or redesigned. Read the interview with me in the nude.
With this site I want to promote public nude recreation and also ensure that nude recreation remains possible in as many places as possible. Because I know from my own experience that the nudist beaches are often difficult to find, I was the first in the Netherlands to start putting the correct locations in Google Earth and Google Maps. I have listed the nudist beaches per province. Other naturist activities can also be found on the province page.
All nude beaches on the site have been visited by myself. The pages also indicate when I last visited the nudist beach.
Most nude beaches are official nude beaches and are also listed on the NFN site. These nudist beaches are often clearly marked with signs. Especially on the coast, nude recreation is often well before the official start of the nudist beach.
Nude recreation takes place on many quiet beaches on the coast, not too close to the beach crossings.
And by the way, probably superfluously, this is not a sex site, but just a site for people who, like me, like to recreate in the nude.