Peace Blue Naturist Resort in Phuket, Thailand

The Peace Blue Naiharn Resort, situated at the serene Naiharn Beach in Phuket, opened its doors on July 16, 2016, as the first resort welcoming naturists in the region, and has since achieved SHA+ certification. Managed by Thai hospitality experts Patty and Golf, the resort eagerly anticipates welcoming guests post-Covid-19 pandemic.

Peace Blue Naiharn is dedicated to meeting the growing needs of naturist travelers seeking comfortable, clean, and safe accommodations. The resort offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the naturist experience, including fine dining, massage services, and personalized care. A standout feature is the exclusive island excursions via speedboat and VIP catamaran, providing guests with memorable experiences and unparalleled service.

The philosophy at Peace Blue Naiharn revolves around connecting with nature in its purest form, promoting health, wellness, and social interaction among guests. Within the resort’s premises, guests can enjoy a plethora of facilities such as a swimming pool, bar, restaurant, sauna, and massage services, all without the need to dress.

Located in a vibrant tourist area, the resort is conveniently close to Rawai Beach, various shopping venues, convenience stores, and renowned dining establishments. For those interested in exploring the local cuisine, the nearby Rawai market offers an impressive selection of fresh seafood, which can be cooked to order at adjacent restaurants.

The resort not only caters to relaxation but also offers a variety of activities including sunbathing, social events, city and island tours, and adventure sports. Peace Blue Naiharn prides itself on being an inclusive community where clothing is optional, maintaining a strict policy on privacy and respect for personal boundaries.

Accommodations at Peace Blue Naiharn include seven luxury suite villas with private pools and Jacuzzis in some units, and a three-story building with 15 superior rooms, all equipped with modern amenities. The resort guarantees a 24/7 reception service to ensure guests’ needs are always met, making it an ideal choice for both short vacations and extended stays. Naturists from around the globe are invited to experience a unique and memorable stay at this exceptional location. Bookings are currently open.


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