The Naked Truth Naturists (TNTN)

TNTN was born from the simple desire my wife and I shared to try something unique in the year 2000. We discovered that enjoying nudity socially didn’t require attending specific nudist events during the colder months. With a cozy living room, a quality TV sound system, and friends who were nudists, I brainstormed an event called “Saturday Nude at the Movies” (SNatM). We first gathered on January 22nd—eight of us—with some snacks, enjoyed two films, and wrapped up by 8 PM, ensuring everyone got home early. The consensus was clear: it was a delightful evening spent engaging in one of our cherished pastimes, social nudity.

The next gathering was on February 26th, where we merged SNatM with a swim evening hosted by a local nudist group. Though we skipped March, we regrouped on April 1st—no joke—at a nearby nudist park. The day was wonderfully warm, with temperatures in the 70s, allowing us to spend most of the day outdoors before settling down for movies around 5 PM. Since then, TNTN has held numerous events, including nude Superbowl gatherings, Presidents Day celebrations at a nudist resort, and St. Patrick’s Day “Erin Go Braless” events.

During our initial outing to the nudist park, the idea of an official group name surfaced. I suggested “The Naked Truth Naturists,” a name that reflects our fundamental beliefs—enjoying life unclothed, while upholding our moral standards. While our group predominantly consists of Christians, whose values shape our approach to nudism, we are open to anyone interested in non-sexual, modest social nudity. Our group is distinct from any sexually provocative communities; we focus solely on chaste social interactions.

Our group embraces various levels of commitment to this lifestyle and we strive to accommodate all interested parties. Our governance is straightforward and informal, with no official meetings or membership fees. Costs are shared as needed for activities, which might take place at nudist parks, secluded public spots, or private homes. The primary guideline is to keep expenses minimal.

To foster communication and share knowledge about nudism, we initiated the TNTN “NudesLetter.” This newsletter serves as a resource for education, discussion, and updates on forthcoming events. Whether you’re new to nudism or a seasoned participant, our group offers a welcoming environment to explore nudist living. If you can’t join us in person, we encourage you to partake in the spirit of nudity wherever you are.


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