AANR – Western Canadian Region

The American Association for Nude Recreation – Western Canadian Region (AANR-WC) is an essential branch of the American Association for Nude Recreation, which has been promoting naturism across North America since 1931. AANR-WC is specifically focused on the regions of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, serving as the only Canadian branch of AANR and actively promoting nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings.

AANR-WC offers a variety of member benefits and organizes numerous events throughout the year, including the AANR Midwinter Meeting and the Annual General Meeting. The organization is not only about events; it also focuses on advocacy, education about naturism, and creating a supportive community for its members. Members can participate in activities ranging from dances and sports to nude 5K runs and yoga classes, with the modern convenience of online participation through platforms like Zoom.

The governance of AANR-WC is overseen by a board of directors, consisting of elected officers from various affiliated clubs and resorts. The board is responsible for maintaining the mission and vision of the organization, ensuring that all activities align with promoting a positive image of naturism.

For those interested in learning more about nudism or finding a community of like-minded individuals, AANR-WC offers a pathway to connect with naturist clubs and resorts, ensuring a respectful and enjoyable environment for all participants.

For detailed information about their activities, membership benefits, and upcoming events, you can visit the official AANR-WC website www.aanr-wc.com.

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